Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Hermana Conference

The Hermana Conference started with a brisk walk up to Cerro de la Gloria (beautiful monument) and then to San Martin Park for a stroll by the fountains and lake. We have a beautiful group of Hermanas who are the best in the world. Each one is trying so hard.
(back left) Hermanas Llancanoe, White, Adams, Bonilla, Arcos, Sybrowsky, Warren, Huzzey, Villalba, Flake, Chamorro (front left) Hermanas Maucotel, Hunt, Rojas, Arrieta, Pintos
We had classes in color, line, makeup, self esteem, more faith, communication with companions, obedience. Those missionaries from far away came the night before and had a sleep over. Fun was had by all.
Hermana Hunt displaying the red which has too much orange in it to be a good for her to wear.
Hermanas Sybrowsky and Warren displaying their new lipstick colors.
Hermanas Llancanoe, Arcos, Pintos just love to look at the photos of my grandchildren.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Zone Conference Week- May

Zone Conference in San Juan. I was not able to attend with President as I was waiting at home to hear if my mother survived her heart surgery. Luckily, after 5 attempts at leaving this life, she is still here with us on earth and recovering in Provo, Utah.
San Juan Zone Leaders- Elder Berezay and Elder Berrocal
Mendoza/Godoy Cruz with Sister and Brother Davis from Santiago Chile. They traveled with us to the in-town conferences. Sister Davis is the psychologist serving in a huge area of South America South missons. She met with many of our missionaries and eased some of their pains.
Mendoza Zone Leaders- Elder Slater and Elder Malaki/McNees
Godoy Cruz Zone Leaders- Elder Lewis and Elder Maineri

Guaymallen/San Luis Conference
Guaymallen Zone Leaders- Elder Hawks, Elder Crunkelton
San Luis- Elder Wells, Elder York
Maipu/Valle de Uco Conference
Maipu Zone Leaders- Elder Mendoza, Elder Whiteford
Valle de Uco- Elder Miles, Elder Squires
San Rafael Conference
San Rafael Zone Leaders- Elder Maxfield, Elder Fuentes

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Walk For Health

30,000 people showed up to walk down our street. It was their Walk for Health day. This photo was taken from in front of our building. There was a steady stream of people for around four hours, until noon. In this country Mother's Day is October 18th, which will be spring for us. There were people of every age walking in this "marathon" and you can tell from the coats, it was a cool morning. The Europeans here in Argentina are very much into their health. I guess the word isn't out about all the oil and fat they pour over everything they serve.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Zone Leader Council- Consejos

We all enjoyed an excellent day of food, friendship, and feasting on the spirit. The presentation of the Assistants* was expertly put together, along with the talk by Hermana Arcos, the top baptizer in the mission. Each one of our zone leaders have great futures ahead of them. They know that anything that is of value in this life is worth working hard for. And they do!
Hermanas Bonilla, Arcos, Elders Slaters, Squires, Miles, Mendoza, President, Berrocal, York. Elders Lewis, Salmon*, Sullivan*, Parry*, Malaki, Fuentes, Hawks, Armstrong* , Wells, Maxfield. Elders Berezay, Whiteford, Crunkelton, Mianeri.
To start the day, the missionaries eat a nice brunch together. There is hardly ever anything left over. It makes me so happy when some of them refuse the facturas (pastries), remembering our talks on nutrition. They actually are listening. The dinner at the mission home was the best ever. Our famous tacos with homemade salsa and guacamole is the best in town. I am sure I am the only one buying jalapenos in this town.