Saturday, August 28, 2010

Christian Armstrong and Sarina's Wedding

Christian Armstrong was one of our missionaries (AP) who married Sarina my spanish tutor. The story would involve hours to tell of the Lord's intervention and His love for these two great young people. But just know that it was a match made in heaven.
Sister Jarvis with Elder Cox
Elder Stevenson with Elder Sargent
Elder Swainston
The Wedding Party
Elder and Sister Jarvis

Elder Brown, Elder Lambert, Elder Duel, Sister Brown
Sister Jarvis, Sister Warren, Sister Sybrowsky, Sister White

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Senior Couples Have Arrived!

Sister Nope
After selling their home to be able to serve a mission, and moving out in time to leave- their visas didn't arrive. So they have been staying with a few of their 9 children on a forced vacation until they got the green light from the church. We found out the visas were signed over a month ago but the Argentine consulate just never bothered to send them. We just know we are going to love Sister Nope, on her first day on the job she had the mission office cleaned and organized.
Patient Elder Nope, realizing their dreams to serve a mission where now about to begin at that very moment. We just love their last name, because Elder Nope will be handling the finances of the mission. Can't you just picture him right now answering that phone call for more money from one of our missionaries- "Please can I have more money?" The answer- "Nope."
Sister Packer
She has followed her husband around the world and so arriving in Argentina probably wasn't quite as a surprise. They have lived in the Philippines and Japan. She is going to serve as our mission nurse and we are so happy she has agreed to serve with us.
Elder Packer
An Air Force colonel who is use to giving orders. We have 200 children who can still benefit from that talent. We hope the Packer's and the Nope's all enjoy their 18 month stay along the Andes Mountains.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Special Visits

Ester (grandmother) and Facundo Baron. They are new members of the church. Ester was the secretary to the Catholic church in the area. She is just waiting to go to the temple when she reaches a year in the church. Facundo wants to serve a mission. They are a special family.
The Gonzalez family live out in the middle of a finca (farm). There is no one anywhere near them. Somehow the missionaries contacted them and converted them five years ago.
Carlos Gonzalez with President. Carlos was showing him the ropes and harnesses he has made by hand. President bought one of the ropes from him for a memory.
The Gonzalez family. The parents do not read or write, but they are faithful members of the church (5 years). Their daughter goes to seminary every morning at 5:30 and is picked up by the stake president. She comes home and reads the Book of Mormon to her parents and teaches them what she has learned. They are such humble people.
Assistants Elder Wiest and Elder Rodriguez checking out the Gonzalez's water wheel made from steel oil containers. It makes for a colorful sight. It moves the water from a near by irrigation ditch to a pipe that runs to their house.

Elder Rodriguez with President, checking out the chapel we just rented in Salto de las Rosas.
The chapel is a one room small building, that is along the main road in San Rafael.

Zone Conference August

San Juan and Chimbas Zone Conference
Zone Leaders San Juan- Elder Morera, Elder Bigelow
Zone Leaders Chimbas- Elder Frischknecht, Elder Gimenez

San Luis, Villa Mercedes, San Martin, Maipu Zone Conference

San Luis Zone Leaders- Elder Sorensen, Elder Aschieris
Villa Mercedes Zone Leaders- Elder Canaza, Elder Lucas
San Martin Zone Leaders- Elder Ashby, Elder Oliveros
Maipu Zone Leaders- Elder Ruiz, Elder Harvey

Guaymallen, Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Office Zone Conference!Guaymallen Zone Leaders- Elder Meldrum, Elder Porres
Godoy Cruz Zone Leaders- Elder Hopkin, Elder Robinson
Mendoza Zone Leaders- Elder Linares, Elder Leal
San Rafael, Alvear, Valle de Uco Zone Conference

San Rafael Zone Leaders- Elder Snow, Elder Barrus
Alvear Zone Leaders- Elder Bills, Elder Fowler
Valle de Uco Zone Leaders- Elder Campbell, Elder Mitchell

Hermanas Cuello, Gutierrez, Román, Sollis, Kartchner
Elders Mori, Elescano, Evans, Rodriguez, Rabanal, Espino, Argumedo, Puga
Naranjo, Galicia
Elders Porres, Meldrum, Linares, Sandford, Hopkin, Ahmad, White,
Rodriguez, Elescano
Elders Eliason, Olsen, Leany, Rodriguez, Espino, White, Coronel, Hinojosa
Elders Johnson, Ayer, Meldrum, Rodriguez
Elders Ashby, Harvey, Boyle, Davis, Ostler, Williams, Roberts, Fielding
Hermanas, Richin, Burnett, Me, Pelton, Deem
Villa Mercedes Zone showing off their solidarity, and obviously ready for the fight.
We told them these robes might not be a good idea out on the street. They had so much fun with them and the reaction they got when they walked in.
Elders Cooper, Burr, Mayta, Ruiz, Menocal, Kirk, Roncal (?)
Elders Sorensen, Boyle, Davis, Ashby, Peña
Hermanas Astorga, Ochoa
Elder Frost, Jones, Smith, Redd, Garner, Maughan
Elders Guterriez, Barlow, Zullo, Esplin
Elders Guevara, Tucker, Alfanso, Boyd, Patterson, Hoggard
Elders Arauz, Paz, Roundy

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Day With Elder Sybrowsky, Lynne, and Hermana Sybrowsky

Unless you haven't figured it out- it is winter in Mendoza Argentina. Our beautiful vineyards are brown and our trees are without leaves. Our countryside is asleep waiting for spring. But despite this fact the Sybrowsky's still came to pick up their daughter. They have spent the week doing missionary work, extending an invitation to return to church, putting a date for a baptism, and encouraging the members to stay active. They are wonderful people who are always asking us how they can help. Elder Sybrowsky spoke at a fireside on Thursday at the institute, with his daughter translating for him. They are all just plain old wonderful people.
We took them on a tour of our favorite winery, Salentein. When you come to wine country you have to experience a little of what these peoples lives are all about. A large number of our members in our mission area are somehow employed by or business related to the growing of grapes.
The acoustics in this building create a spot on the basement floor of the winery, where when you speak, your voice sounds like it is speaking into a microphone. Elder Sybrowsky took the opportunity on his turn to begin a welcoming speech. It is hard for any General Authority when given a microphone (even if it is just acoustical) not to preach a sermon.
At the end of the tour there is always wine tasting. We thought we would just listen to the explanations of the wine and their properties. You can see Hermana Sybrowsky and I smiling, but Elder Sybrowsky turned a bit serious when the tour guide was offering him a glass of wine. He was gracious and took the glass and swirled the wine to see the color, but promptly put it down. Boy was President and I relieved.
We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the La Tupiña Restaurant (The word means cauldron or black pot). A special event, with 5 different Argentine appetizers, a lovely meal and dessert. The dishes are cooked in a black cauldron in the fireplace behind us. The best part was sitting for two hours and reliving old times in Provo, and our experiences in the mission. These are delightful people to be around.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Oldies Leave and Our New Missionaries Arrive

Elder Sybrowsky and wife Lynne Sybrowsky came the long distance to pick up their daughter. We have enjoyed having them here in Mendoza the entire week (see the next blog entry). They are dear friends from the "good ol' days" and it has been fun to catch up on all their assignments, travel and family. Let's just say Elder Sybrowsky has more stamps in his passport than I have ever seen.
Our great friends are going home. It is always a sad moment. These three missionaries have served long and well. We love them and will miss them. (left) Elder Hollinger, Elder Knight, Elder Martin.
Say cheese? We always serve our meals family style. This is their invitation to take all that they want. We see a marked difference in the amount of food we serve to the Oldies versus the New missionaries. The Oldies eat everything that is within sight, and the New missionaries who haven't been starved for 2 years just take a small portion.
All Gringos this time. It is the first time I can remember being able to bear my testimony in English (I stumbled over the words). Our missionaries returning home deserve an extra gold medal on their chests. Living here under hard conditions really helps them appreciate all the comforts of home. Their last week in the mission has been freezing cold. I am sure right now they are basking in the summer sun and loving it. (Thank you to parents who were understanding when they arrived home a day late. It seems they missed their flight in Buenos Aires and couldn't get a flight out for 24 hours. Hope there weren't too many family reunions planned)
Elders Knight, Martin, Hollinger, Morgan, President and I, Hermanas Hunt, Sybrowsky
Welcome-Elder Ostler
Our New missionaries from the MTC in Provo arrived a day late also. They were bumped off their flight in Atlanta because Delta overbooked. Twenty-four hours later they were flying first-class to Buenos Aires. They said they have never had such service- hot towels and great food. Lucky them. Of course we had their trainers to deal with, meals to cancel, Immigration appointment to cancel along with the witnesses, food that was prepared for their first meal put away in the refrigerator.
Welcome- Elder Allen
Welcome Elder Huntington
Welcome- Elder Easley
On Friday night, we welcomed our two visa waiters who were assigned to the Tennessee mission (trying to get their visas) and have served almost three months there. This is especially hard on our missionaries and we will watch them carefully. It is hard to come from a mission where they have central heating/airconditioning, cars, referrences, and ample food- to a freezing cold winter with no heating, no cars and long hours walking, no referrals, and different tasting food. We know it will take some time, but we will love them and help them adjust. We know that at the end of their mission they will never want to change a thing and they will have stories to tell their kids about testimony and miracles, and the special people in Argentina.
Welcome- Elder Maughan