Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Walk For Health

30,000 people showed up to walk down our street. It was their Walk for Health day. This photo was taken from in front of our building. There was a steady stream of people for around four hours, until noon. In this country Mother's Day is October 18th, which will be spring for us. There were people of every age walking in this "marathon" and you can tell from the coats, it was a cool morning. The Europeans here in Argentina are very much into their health. I guess the word isn't out about all the oil and fat they pour over everything they serve.

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Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

We're looking forward to being with you two June 21-29, and all your missionaries. You are great examples of health to them and to us.
We love the healthy food you had when we were on the mission health visit in Nov/Dec. The whole grain cereal is out of this world delicious!
Love, Los Petersens, Walt & Eileen, Area Medical Advisors, Buenos Aires