Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Activites

We visited Trapiche Ward to see Hermana Ricks and Hermana Roas participate with the ward in various skits involving missionary work.
I spoke at the Mendoza Institute with the future missionaries there. Sister Rastelli extended the invitation to me, and it became a question answer evening involving my responsibilities as the Mission President's wife. It was a fun and inspiring evening. These young people are learning great things at the Institute building, and thank goodness for teachers like Sister Rastelli.
President Lindahl spoke at the San Juan youth conference and young adult activity in the beautiful outdoors of San Juan (he is the one in the middle in the white shirt and tie).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye to the Viejitos and Hello to the Nuevitos

The final dinner is at the mission home with President and me. This is a wonderful group of missionaries we are sending home. The two latinos on the left would love to go to BYU, and their language skills are excellent. We lack the ability to help them all with their dreams, but President tells them if they want it bad enough they will find a way.
Elder Porras had two ingrown toenails that needed a little fixing before he went home. Sister Packer didn't want to do it, but with not much medical help when he got home, we thought it best to try to help him.
Our Oldies- (back left) Elders Crowther, Porras, Rios, Carrasco, Mitchell
(middle left) Elders Carter, Pedersen, Moriarty, Hermana Roman, friend Eva, Elder Ramierz
Elders Perdomo, Galicia, Torres
Some of the new missionaries receiving training from the Assistants in the office.
Elder Ruiz with new companion Elder Yasan from Peru.
Elder Elescano with new companion Elder Galdo from Buenos Aires.
Hermana Richins with new companion Hermana Thatcher from New Mexico.
Elder Barton with new companion Elder Boyd from California.
Elder Easley with new companion Elder Winkel from Utah.
Elder Brown and new companion Elder Baker from Texas.
Elder Roncal with new companion Elder Crespo from Chile.
Elder Reninger with new companion Elder Whittle from Idaho.
Elder Marquez with new companion Elder Caro from Chile.
Elder Hancock with new companion Elder Dugger from Utah.
Elder Gonzalez with new companion Elder Price from California.
Elder Burns with new companion Elder Kelley from Pennsylvania.
Elder Carr with new companion Elder Hudgens from Utah.
Elder Winget with new companion Elder Drennan from California.
Elder Oliveros with new companion Elder Gonzalez from Buenos Aires.

Chimbas Zone- Winners of March Madness

Lifting their glasses to toast the WIN! Chimbas Zone worked really hard, and their numbers were on top (emphasis on lessons with members and opening the mouth). Six straight weeks of hot sun, and little rest. We want to congratulate the Zone Leaders Elders Roberts and Menocal for the leadership skills they have acquired while serving together. As a reward the zone won a lunch at the best restaurant in Mendoza and mission shirts, embroidered with a special Locura de Marzo patch on the sleeve.

Winding down the staircase at the La Florencia Restaurant is the Chimbas Zone. Most ordered dish was the Bife de Lomo con ChampiƱones (Steak with mushroom sauce).
(top left) Elders Leaney, Quintero, Oliveros, Taylor, Guillen,
Elders Bigelow, Williams
Elder Menocal (ZL), Wilson, Burns
Elders Guzman, Baker
Elders Roberts (ZL), Barton
To finish the day we bought them ice cream cones at President's favorite ice cream store- Perin.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Consejos and Leadership Meetings

Consejos is the monthly Zone Leader meeting that we have. The day starts with the Zone Leaders having to travel from their areas (some 4 hours away). They have a quick breakfast of facturas (pastries) cereal bars (made by Sister Packer), bananas, and orange juice.
Our Fabulous Zone Leaders-
(top) Elders Frost, Fielding, Sorensen
(middle) Elders Burr, Ramos (district leader), Redd, Esplin, Menocal, Morinico, Abella, Leany (district leader), Moncur, White, Gomez, Cabranes, Sandford
(front) Elders Barra, Hopkin, Roberts, Fowler, Hyer, Harvey, Davis
Elder Leany and Ramos win the District Leader cup for March 2011 (best key indicators)
If you remember from last month, this is our honorary missionary Josh Pack. The month of March was dedicated to Josh (who appears here via Skype). He helped us award the District Leader Cup and the Zone Leader cup for the month of March and said a few encouraging words to the group. All the baptisms for the month were dedicated to Josh. In March we had 80 baptisms, all the key indicators were up and on conference Sunday the missionaries had 280 people in church. The month went really well, and we feel the results from more lessons with members present will be seen in the April numbers. There were weekly conversations with Josh and he was able to verify with some of the Zone Leaders himself on Sunday evenings. Our missionaries had a wonderful time in March, dedicating their work to Josh.
Josh talking with the winning District Leaders.
The March "Copa" goes to three zones. We had a tie. In San Luis, Elders Fowler and Hopkin. In Valle de Uco, Elders Davis and Fielding. In Maipu, Elders Redd and Abella. Congratulations to them and their zones for their fantastic work.
Elder Abella and Redd (Maipu)
Elder Davis and Fielding (Valle de Uco)
Elder Fowler and Hopkin (San Luis)
President has a hard time talking with Josh. He is always tearing up because this young man means so much to him. We had a special fast and all of our missionaries want so much for Josh to be able to serve a mission. Our missionaries know that there are many ways that people can serve a mission, and not all of them include traveling a long distance away from home. The Lord has provided many ways of service- we just have to look around our own neighborhoods to know that missionary work needs to be a life long venture.
Sister Lindahl giving her Consejo talk on the difference between just "Activity" (busy work) versus "Accomplishment".
Checking out the name of the past Zone Leaders on the Cup. This cup will go home with us, along with the District Leader cup, to be shared at reunion time.
I walked in to the office to check on how our monthly "registro" was doing. It was the last day for our reporting. There I found a whole family of past Historians downloading all the baptismal records. Elder Miller (Left- grandfather) Elder Hoggard (son) and Elder Frost (father). I know it drives the General Authorities crazy when this terminology is used, but for the purpose of this blog, I think it is cute.
Elder OrduƱa and Elder Barton
On Wednesday was our Leadership Meeting. Those invited to this meeting are all the District Leaders and Zone Leaders. This meeting is for the further training on the 8 Focuses that the Church Mission Department developed last October. The Assistants Elder Sorensen and Elder Leal were in charge of the meeting. Their training included three of the main focuses.
Elder Barlow and Elder Redd
Elder Fowler, Elder Davis, Elder Roberts
Elder Luce, Elder Arauz, Elder Olsen, Elder Narajo.
Elder Davenport, Elder Ostler, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Taylor.
Elder Evans, Elder Olsen, Elder Ramos, Elder Allred, Elder Leany.
Elder Cabranes, Elder Menocal, Elder Abella.