Monday, November 1, 2010

New Goals For Mission Mendoza

President Lindahl started back in September with a goal for the mission- 1000 baptisms for the year 2010. Here displayed so creatively (below) by the Assistants Elder Hopkin, Elder Wiest, and Elder Frischknecht are the stats for the last two weeks of October- 811 baptisms so far with 189 to go.
3rd week of October 2010
Last week of October 835 with 165 to go.
For you gringos, Manso is the spanish word for meek. But here in Mendoza, the word they use for "COOL" is manso. Notice the clever use of the street sign with the street number 1000.
These pictures were included in the report the missionaries receive every Monday morning in their email box. We will keep you posted on the numbers, and let's see if our missionaries can make up the difference. But if they are as "Cool" as they think they are, I bet they'll do it!

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Melinda Lindahl said...

Well, they just better get crackin! I know they can do it. Good for you guys to set a worthy goal like that. Put Spencer's mission to shame. ;) Love you.