Monday, March 16, 2009

More Mission Experiences

During Vendimia, there arrived on our doorstep a crate of grapes. They were sent by Bishop Diego Paez and Gabriella who wanted to make sure we tasted enough grapes. Hermana Mallea has been working all week to make them into marmalade and not waste them. We took the Paez's out to dinner just to celebrate the experience. We had the best "petite" steaks there are in the world.
Saying good bye to the best assistants in the world (Notice the matching ties from last zone conference). There is more "animo" in these four young men than any fortune 500 company. They have created a new feeling in the mission of excitement, and desire to excel. All four will be home in one more transfer. It will be a sad day.
Left to right- Elders Pedersen (Arg.), Anaya (Mexico), Rubiolo (Arg.), Sander(Urug.)

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Tara said...

That is the first real smile I have seen on you guys in that restaurant picture. Dad doesn't look tired. You guys look great. What great missionaries. I am working on more ties today! I will try my hardest to get them all the same!