Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Consejos with Zone Leaders and Assistants

We put the camera on timer- so not the best. These are our hard working zone leaders who come in every 6 weeks for a conference. After the meetings I have them to our home for a dinner. This picture shows them satisfied and happy, a few look like they are even sleeping. They are:
(back left) Pres., Hermn. Elders Squires, Armstrong, Morgan, Hawks , Maxfield, Slater, Rubiolo, (middle left) Berrocal, Phippen, Mianeri, Crunkelton, Sullivan, Parry, Lewis, Pedersen, Miles. (floor) Wells, Whiteford, Fuentes, Malaki
They all love their tacos because they live in a world of Italian pastas. It is fun to cook for them because they appreciate the food so much. These are wonderful young men who are becoming Great because of the struggles and challenges they experience everyday.
We had so many for dinner we had to include a VIP table, at least that is what these elders called it.
Hermana Mallea in the kitchen, with a before picture. Yes, that green bowl is a huge bowl of guacamole. Within 15 minutes all of it was gone.


Tara said...

Holy Cow, is all I can say when I see that table! How do you cook for that many boys! I struggle just cooking for the 2 I have. Where did you find a table that big? I have some learning to do!

Sarina Thomas said...

So many memories!!!
I miss you!

Bryan said...

President Lindahl,
I'm not sure if you will see this or not (I couldn't see anywhere else on the blog to post a comment), but I met Sister Lindahl on an airplane from Atlanta Georgia to Salt Lake this morning. My name is Bryan Ruff. I was returning from a work trip in Newark. She was a good example to me as she was sharing her testimony to a young man in the military from Florida on his way to California. I had an English Book of Mormon with me that she was able to give to him along with a pamphlet with her testimony. It was a pleasure meeting her and seeing her good example. She mentioned you went to Uruguay on your mission. I asked her to ask you if you knew any Carbajal's while you were there. My uncle Daniel was a Carbajal. My brother-in-laws brother Mark Lucas from Austin Texas will be joining your missionary force in July/August. It was a pleasure again to meet your wife and visit with her for the plane ride. Good luck on the rest of your assignment.