Friday, July 31, 2009

Having A Fun Time In July

Just because we had nothing better to do (ha!ha!) Sister Jarvis and Sister Brown came over and helped me fill 180 bags of chocolate chip cookie dough mix for the missionaries. Just add butter and an egg, that is what the label says. This is the missionaries reward for deep cleaning their pensiones. We have been having great success with our Mendoza Mission cook book. Missionaries are reporting actually cooking. Yes, the oven is for doing other things besides cooking pizza. It is so fun to hear the reports of how well their recipes are turning out.
We went down town and walked through a beautiful building that was by the walking mall area. These old buildings must have been something in the glory days of Mendoza. No one builds anything as beautiful these days in the city. Everything now is modern architecture. The stainglass in this building is gorgeous.
Yes, it is winter in July in Argentina. The day our new missionaries arrived from Utah we had snow. We told them it was our way of welcoming them and making them feel right at home.
My pansies didn't mind the snow, but the palms didn't like it. This is our balcony from the front of the building. Being up on the 6th floor gives us beautiful views of the Andes Mountain range.


Tara said...

I love the picture of your plants. You need to post more pictures of your surroundings. I love the pansies. A little garden, so fun. Love you so much.

Melinda Lindahl said...

You've always got a big project going on. You are so productive, I love it! I told Barrie this week when we were talking on the phone that I swear I got a little bit of your blood when I married Spencer because I do not stop until the job is done. I've been working non-stop trying to get our home organized and comfortable. I just need to be a little quicker like you. But I guess it will just come with time. Spencer is going to fly Tara down to help me put our house together. I seriously cannot wait! I love you so much! P.S. That snow in your pictures gave me the chills. I am already used to the heat down here.