Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Zone Leader Conference

We are grateful to our Zone Leaders for their growth in leadership and enthusiasm for the work. They keep the mission growing and moving forward. They learn to care for others not just themselves. Without them President would go crazy. Our hat is off to them all. Thank you.
(Left back) Elders Squires, Rossi, Miles, Lema, Malaiki, Jesperson, Armstrong, McNees, Manqui, Wells, Knight (left middle) Elders Clayson, Contreras, York, Berezay, Whiteford, Workman, President, Mayta, Phippen, Fuentes, Slater (left floor) Elders Castellon, Mendoza, Martin, Cardus, Sargent. (Asistants in bold)
Helpers in the kitchen. Can you believe they actually offered? Or were they really there to help themselves to the left over cake? Elders Workman, Wells, Miles, Manqui, Martin.
Elder Castellon (Columbia) Elder Malakai (Tonga, Oakland) Elder Rossi (Paraguay)
Elder Malakai's goal is to be in all the mission photos. Elders Clayson and York.
Just relaxing on the sofa after a long day. Elders Armstrong, Berezay, Whiteford, Mendoza, Malakai, Mayta, Phippen with Elder Manqui sideways.

Three rubios Elder Slater, Squires and McNees.

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