Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spencer and Barrie Come to Visit

Together again after 1 1/2 years. What a joy to see our sons Spencer and Barrie.
Anyone for lunch? Traditional asado (barbeque).
Beautiful picture Barrie took of the statue at Cerro de la Gloria
Filling the wine barrels at Salentein, the oak barrels are used for storage for up to 18 month in the Bodega.
As you drive into the valley of Valle de Uco the statue of the Cristus guards the valley.
The boys at the San Martin statue.
Spencer's favorite restaurant La Florencia. Be sure and order the Beef Lomo with mushroom sauce. On the spit is a pig, and notice the other pig and his snout on the grill in the back. They love to barbeque their vegetable and the flavor is wonderful.
Spencer and Barrie at La TupiƱas, the name means iron pot. The entire meal is cooked in the black iron pots in the fireplace.
During their visit with us they both went up to Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The following are a number of pictures they took. This train they took was a sight seeing train around the falls. Spencer said it went full speed and was very dangerous, atleast for the safety laws of the states (open doors with no seat belts).
Beautiful rainbow over the falls.

A look out their hotel room window of the falls. They both said the setting was very romantic and Spencer wished he had brought Melinda. They say it is a great holiday for husband and wives.

There is this metal walk way across the falls. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu. The Legend has it that a god planned to marry a beautiful aborigine named Naipi, who fled with her mortal lover Taroba in a canoe. In rage, the god sliced the river creating the waterfalls, condemning the lovers to an eternal fall.
A tree surviving the odds on the side of the cliff.
The falls consist of 275 falls along a 1.67 mile span. Some of the individual falls are 269 ft. in height. The falls produce around 350,000 to 400,000 gallons of water per second.

Barrie traveled 7,000 miles to check out Aconcagua so that he could return and climb the 22,860 foot mountain. When we got there the snow had just started to fall, the chill factor was below 0 and there was no visibility. Poor boy took a picture in front of the Aconcagua sign and had to call it a day. He vows to return and conqueror the mountain. His dad is hoping he won't.
As we came out of the mountains leaving Aconcagua, we saw many condors flying on the air current. They never flap their wings, they just soar. These aren't the big ones, this is probably only about a 4 foot wing span.

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