Monday, October 12, 2009

Viejitos leave and the Nuevitos come

It is always a sad moment to say goodbye to our valiant warriors. We will miss them.
(left) Elders Lewis, Berrocal, Curtis, President, Elders Crunkelton, Leal, Hermana Arcos.
Elder Berrocal's parents came to pick him up and brought a lovely etching from Peru for us. Elder Berrocal was raised in the states, but will be returning to Peru where his parents are now living.
Our new missionaries arrived, all except for two who have been held back in the states for visa problems. They will arrive next week hopefully. So we only had 19 arrive. It was late in the evening and so we did not have our usual dinner at our home. It is very hard when Buenos Aires send them so late and all we can do is say hello and put them to bed.
(left) Elder Farnsworth, Williams, Roncal, Eliason, Leal, Miller, Campbell, Petersen.
(left back) Elders Quebbeman, George, Jones, Orozco, Garcia, Lebron, Orduna, Hermanas Kartchner, Alez (below) Elders Concha, Barra.

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