Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Leadership Training Meeting

The New Leadership Training Meeting took place this week. The meeting was 4 days of training in the 8 new focuses developed by the Apostles. During these 4 days all the Zone Leaders and District Leaders of the mission were brought together each day for 6 hours of intense training. A principle was taught and then there were practices, evaluation, and repracticing. After 4 days all of the leaders will say that these were the most valuable hours they have spent in any of their past meetings. The spirit was in attendance, and the comments and teachings were invaluable. After 3:00 in the afternoon every mission leader was assigned an area to go and work in. They put into practice the things that they learned from each class. We all ask the same question- why didn't we have this before? All of us feel that this is an inspired change and just what our mission needs. Now the goal is to have these leaders go back to their areas and teach these focuses to the rest of the missionaries. These meetings will be held every other month until May 2011 when these focuses will start to be taught to the missionaries leaving the MTC's. Then everyone will be on board.
President and I express our thanks to our Assitants and their trainees for the wonderful job they did in teaching and training.
(Front row left) Elder Wajchman, Elder Paz, Elder Cardus
(Front Row right of President) Elder Martin, Elder Smith, Elder Wiest


amrocks! said...

Hello! This is Russell and Amber Salmon!
(Elder Salmon, Troy, Alabama)
We're not sure if you received our wedding announcement since mail seems to run a little bit different down there! Being married is the best. :) And who would have thought that I'd actually find a girl in Alabama?!
I hope you guys are doing well!! We'll keep a look out on your blog!

Elder Salmon

Melinda Lindahl said...

What a good looking group! Love how beautifully u stand out with your glowing smile, cheerful sweater and gorgeous flowers. Love u!

Walt and Eileen said...

Hard to imagine from July 2008 that you'd get to August 2010 and say: "Only 11 months left."
The background was white and we couldn't read your commentary, but the photos are wonderful, as always!
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen