Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Week of Heaven With Barrie Lindahl and Lacy Grace

Barrie and his girlfriend Lacy arrived finally to Mendoza (10 hours late-LAN decided to cancel all their day flights). It was Lacy's first time out of the US, too bad it had to be the hard way (lightning storms with emergency landing in Oklahoma, delayed in Dallas 4 hours, delayed in Buenos Aires the whole day). But President and I were so happy to put our arms around our son and get to see him face to face. It was our first time to meet Lacy from Mesa, Arizona.
We were hoping that the reason for the visit was a special announcement, but as parents we didn't dare get our hopes up. The third day Barrie and Lacy shared the news with us- they were getting married in December, and she had a beautiful ring to prove it. We couldn't be more pleased for Barrie and his great choice. Lacy is easy to love, she brings calm to Barrie's life. We took this picture to document the place for future posterity (island in San Martin Park).
We enjoyed the night life in Mendoza.
We enjoyed the Argentine food (but not the wine).
We went to the zoo and feed the Bears.
We were entertained by the monkeys roaming free.
Watched the animals eat their lunch.
Pet the leopard.
Fed the elephants.
Pet the Bengal Tiger (have a great picture on Barrie's camera I need to get)
Our farewell dinner before they took off today at 3:00. Just so Barrie wasn't disappointed, when we got to the airport despite the travel itinerary they had no ticket to Buenos Aires. It is hard to get into Mendoza, and also to get out of it. We found a flight going to Cordoba linking to Buenos Aires in time to fly out of the country. Travel in Argentina can really be tough. It was hard to say goodbye, but feel so blessed that our last son will be able to be married by his Grandpa Lindahl in the San Diego temple in December. President will not be able to attend, but that is part of the sacrifice in serving the Lord.

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