Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 Zone Conferences with Elder Aidukaitis

Zone Conference with San Martin, Maipu, San Juan, Chimbas Zones.
San Martin Zone Leaders- Elder Porras, Elder Oliveros
Maipu Zone Leaders- Elder Ruiz, Elder Harvey
San Juan Zone Leaders- Elder Hopkin, Elder Bigelow
Chimbas Zone Leaders- Elder Frischknecht, Elder Gomez
Zone Conference with Guaymallen, Mendoza, Godoy Cruz, Valle de Uco
Guaymallen Zone Leaders- Elder Wajchman, Elder Alfonso
Mendoza Zone Leaders- Elder Leal, Elder Davis
Godoy Cruz Zone Leaders- Elder Robinson, Elder Lucas
Valle de Uco Zone Leaders- Elder Morera, Elder Mitchell
Zone Conference with San Luis, Villa Mercedes, San Rafael, Alvear
San Luis Zone Leaders- Elder Sorensen, Elder Benitez
Villa Mercedes Zone Leaders- Elder Giminez, Elder Conti
San Rafael Zone Leaders- Elder Paz, Elder Barrus
Alvear Zone Leaders- Elder Medina, Elder Fowler
President and Elder Aidukaitis as they discussed points of interest.
Practices with Elders in the mission.
This picture is of the office staff, Elder and Sister Nope on the left and Elder and Sister Packer on the right. Elder Miller and Campbell are our office elders who serve as historian and pensionista.
After short messages from President and I, Elder Aidukiatis took the remainder of the time to help our missionaries be the best that they can be. He is a superb teacher and we were blessed to have him come and give us a different angle of training for the mission.

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