Monday, October 11, 2010

Pictures from Interview Week

The baptismal font for the areas where we rent our chapels. I bet that water from that hose isn't very warm. It makes you appreciate the common conviences of an LDS chapel.
Elder Rodriguez about to baptize Brother Carlos Figueroa in Justo Daract in the outdoor baptismal font.
I went to check out a pension in Alvear, the pension of the Zone Leaders. Usually I go with trepidation because most of the time (sorry to say this moms) I am extremely disappointed with the cleanliness of the apartments. But these young men surprised me with a very clean pension. I was delighted. (left) Elder Abella, Moncur, Aparcana, Medina, Fowler, Reynolds. Elders Aparcana and Reynolds, the traveling assistants were there staying with the four Elders and were the lucky recipients of a clean pension.
The San Juan zone were is good form. They all were happy and glad to see President. Elder Bigelow and Hopkin are doing a great job of creating "animo" in their Elders.
I don't know why we took such a formal picture in Chimbas with the zone, but Elders Frischknecht and Gomez (Zone Leaders) had make this special sign and they wanted to show it off. It had the names of all of the missionaries. The leaders love to show solidarity in their zones, which just makes missionary work all the more fun (which it should be). Oh, by the way, Presidents name tag was on his suit coat which we made him take off.
Some Maipu Elders waiting in the office for their interviews with President and me. I always have a little quiz during my interview time, and check the needs for the pension, check the english language cards for the Latinos and give them their english homework, and last but not least I check their daily planners. Recorded in the back are their "spendings, or gastos" which shows me they are spending their money properly.
(left) Elders Garcia, Fielding, Barton, Guillen
Godoy Cruz zone on preparation day at the zoo. They had a great time, and the weather was perfect. Nothing nicer than a spring day in Mendoza. Zone Leaders Elders Robinson and Lucas are way back on the flag pole, and can hardly be seen.
The Hermanas at the zoo. I haven't seen these missionaries this happy in a long time. It must be that they aren't in nylons, skirts and walking shoes.
(left) Hermana Billena (mini missionary), Astorga, Richins, Whitmore, Kartchner, Sollis.


emilychristine said...

Wow this looks amazing! I have been called to the Argentina Mendoza mission in February and have been studying and loving these pictures! I love when new ones are posted. Thank you for showing me what I have to look forward to! Can't wait!!

grandmasue said...

As i read this entry, I am starting to see that new faces are starting to replace the old and the mission is changing. We sure miss you all.

Julieta y Lucas said...

Queridos Presidente y Hermana Lindahl,soy Julieta Cristeche,la esposa de Lucas Cristeche, nose si recuerdan. Nosotros ahora estamos viviendo en Neuquen. yo quisiera tomar contacto con la Hermana Whitmore, no pudimos despedirnos de ella y realmente la queremos muchisimo, ella es exelente! Porfavor si uds tuvieran su direccion de mail para comunicarnos con ella cuando termine su mision. Muchas gracias. Les amamos. Familia Cristeche.

Carla said...

I can tell they were happy. I imagine it is due to the fact that they were not only helping but also having a nice time. ONce you have done a good action, or THE good action of the day, you feel relieved, like you have given something to the world already, and tried the best you could to make it a better planet, now you can move on and wait for others to do the same. Those are the faces I see in the picture. Plus: who is not happy in a zoo? In a Mendoza zoo? I remember when I finished my mission in Buenos Aires, I went back to one of the Argentina apartments, took me luggage and bought a ticket to Mendoza. I wanted to know that city that is full of good, honest and decent people as other missionaries say. It is true, I met outstanding peple there, tey have very good hearts!