Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye to the Viejitos and Hello to the Nuevitos

The final dinner is at the mission home with President and me. This is a wonderful group of missionaries we are sending home. The two latinos on the left would love to go to BYU, and their language skills are excellent. We lack the ability to help them all with their dreams, but President tells them if they want it bad enough they will find a way.
Elder Porras had two ingrown toenails that needed a little fixing before he went home. Sister Packer didn't want to do it, but with not much medical help when he got home, we thought it best to try to help him.
Our Oldies- (back left) Elders Crowther, Porras, Rios, Carrasco, Mitchell
(middle left) Elders Carter, Pedersen, Moriarty, Hermana Roman, friend Eva, Elder Ramierz
Elders Perdomo, Galicia, Torres
Some of the new missionaries receiving training from the Assistants in the office.
Elder Ruiz with new companion Elder Yasan from Peru.
Elder Elescano with new companion Elder Galdo from Buenos Aires.
Hermana Richins with new companion Hermana Thatcher from New Mexico.
Elder Barton with new companion Elder Boyd from California.
Elder Easley with new companion Elder Winkel from Utah.
Elder Brown and new companion Elder Baker from Texas.
Elder Roncal with new companion Elder Crespo from Chile.
Elder Reninger with new companion Elder Whittle from Idaho.
Elder Marquez with new companion Elder Caro from Chile.
Elder Hancock with new companion Elder Dugger from Utah.
Elder Gonzalez with new companion Elder Price from California.
Elder Burns with new companion Elder Kelley from Pennsylvania.
Elder Carr with new companion Elder Hudgens from Utah.
Elder Winget with new companion Elder Drennan from California.
Elder Oliveros with new companion Elder Gonzalez from Buenos Aires.

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ricardo galdo said...

It's a very strong emotion to see
our younger Eduardo converted in Elder Galdo with his first companion Elder Elescano. Best wishes for both, hard work and
best harvest for our Lord and Savior Jesuschrist.
Ricardo Galdo, Maria Victoria (mom) and Lucia (our daughter)