Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chimbas Zone- Winners of March Madness

Lifting their glasses to toast the WIN! Chimbas Zone worked really hard, and their numbers were on top (emphasis on lessons with members and opening the mouth). Six straight weeks of hot sun, and little rest. We want to congratulate the Zone Leaders Elders Roberts and Menocal for the leadership skills they have acquired while serving together. As a reward the zone won a lunch at the best restaurant in Mendoza and mission shirts, embroidered with a special Locura de Marzo patch on the sleeve.

Winding down the staircase at the La Florencia Restaurant is the Chimbas Zone. Most ordered dish was the Bife de Lomo con ChampiƱones (Steak with mushroom sauce).
(top left) Elders Leaney, Quintero, Oliveros, Taylor, Guillen,
Elders Bigelow, Williams
Elder Menocal (ZL), Wilson, Burns
Elders Guzman, Baker
Elders Roberts (ZL), Barton
To finish the day we bought them ice cream cones at President's favorite ice cream store- Perin.

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