Monday, June 6, 2011

Events in June

Casual evening with our dearest friends in Mendoza. Sister Adriana Rastelli is hiding behind my head, with her husband behind her. President Rastelli has served as first counselor to my husband in the mission presidency, with Brother (blue shirt) and Sister Acosta (black top) who served as second counselor. Nestor Cabral (gray shirt in back) is over all the physical facilities in Mendoza area (which includes over 70 chapels etc.). This is our good bye dinner.
Sunday dinner at our home for the Assistants. We celebrated Elder Harvey's (right) birthday (June 6th) and Elder Roberts(left) birthday (June 15th), and Elder Leal's (middle) birthday (May 15th). Poor Elder Bigelow felt left out not receiving a gift, but I told him that not many get to come to my house for a home made roast beef dinner. That was his gift.
Birthday boy Elder Harvey helping with the dishes.
I know it is obvious that we put the camera on auto-timer, but sometimes we are forced to do desperate things. We may look a little washed out, but you have to remember it is winter here in Mendoza (only 70 degrees today). Poor us! Que suerte!

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Camila Bonilla said...

Hermosas Fotos...
The day to come back home is close...
I hope see you soon.
los quiero y les extra├▒o!!