Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Final Consejos with Zone Leaders

Our final Consejos with the Leaders of the Mission.
You will notice that all the Zone Leaders are sporting a new tie. All the Leaders were given a Mendoza Mission tie to remember us by. The Assistants are wearing a different tie. These young men are responsible for the great number of baptisms the mission has seen this year.
(back left) Elders White, Esplin, Hyer, Huntington, Burr, Scoville, Hoggard, Frost, Mason, Burns, Ramos, Smith (second row top) Elders Sandford, Arauz, Cabranes, Menocal, Ivie, Gonzalez, Jacobs (middle) Elders Marquez, Moncur, McClain, Allen, Barton, Ruiz, Arduna, Abella, Rabanal (front) Elders Roberts, Bigelow, President, Me, Elders Harvey, Leal
New Zone Leaders- Elders Burns, Barton, Gonzalez, Ruiz, Jacobs, Ramos, Arauz, Allen, Huntington, Smith.
Winners of the Copa (sorry, is already on its way home with our luggage) the Guaymallen Zone. Thanks to Elder Cabranes, Elder Gomez, and new companion Elder Gonzalez. We will take their engraven name plate and glue it on the cup when we get home.
Winning District Leaders, Elders Marquez and McClain (their engraved plate will also go on the District Leader cup).

Below is the cutting of the ties of the Zone Leaders who didn't reach their goals that they set last month (They are told to wear their oldest, dirties tie) A tradition of the mission this year.
Elder Frost (Maipu Zone)
Elder Scoville (Alvear Zone)
Elder Abella (San Rafael Zone)
Elder Mason (San Martin Zone)
Elder Moncur (Godoy Cruz Zone) He forgot and wore a new tie, oh well!
Elder White (San Juan Zone)
Elder Sandford (San Juan Zone)
Elder Menocal (Chimbas Zone)
Elder Hyer (Villa Mercedes)
Elder Rabanal (Valle de Uco Zone)
Group Photo. They will work a little harder next month.
Training by Elder Roberts and Bigelow our traveling Assistants. They are going out and training District Leaders, and cleaning up the Area Books, and pumping up the missionaries.
Elder Bigelow teaching.
The Assistants going around and asking for the Zone Leaders projections for the month.
Each Zone is a different color. Their projected numbers are posted on the right.
A special presentation from the Assistants. President and I were surprised by a wonderful video produced by the office Elders showing the pictures and memories of our 3 years of service. They had interviewed some of the missionaries and they were giving their tributes. It was a real tear-jerker. It was really hard for us to express our gratitude since we were so touched by their sentiment. We were able to relive some of the events of the mission, and pictures of special friends and visitors to the mission.
President Lindahl giving his presentation on the 8 focuses of the missionaries.

We will always remember the faces of the leaders who we ended with. They have worked so hard to make President happy. These are capable young men, and we expect to see great things from them in the future. But then we expect that from all of our missionaries. They are instructed by President to not go home and sit on their back-sides. But get off their couches and go to work creating their futures. Goals are never achieved from the "cheap seats" they are earned by those in the middle of the game.
Our final meal from Adriana Rastelli and Anna Acosta. Special friends forever!

Below is a video of the roll (cinnamon roll) after they have sung the mission song.

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