Monday, November 3, 2008

Aconcagua with Spencer and Melinda

Near the border of Argentina and Chile is Aconcagua, the highest peak in the northern hemisphere. It is almost 23,000 feet. We are standing at the trail head to the peak at around 11,000 feet. It was very windy and cold. We braved it for the picture. The climb to Aconcagua is known as the highest hike in the world. You only need crampons to climb over snow and ice, but no other climbing equipment is needed. Still people die every year. It takes 12-18 days because of the need to acclimate at various levels. You can't see it well, but on the right side of the mountain is a sheer cliff of snow that must be 200-300 ft. thick. One of the wonders of the world. We made sure President didn't cross the border or his mission boudaries.

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