Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Great Weekend

Our dear friends from the MTC in Provo, President and Sister Lyon. President Lyon serves as temple president in Santiago Chile. We all spoke this weekend at the Godoy Cruz Stake Conference. He probably is the reason we are serving a mission, so when we saw him I didn't know whether to kick him or give him a hug (it all depends on the day).
Our new senior couple (middle) newly arrived at the airport, Elder and Sister Jarvis. We feel they were prayed here. What tremendous faith they have. Elder and Sister Quist (right) will be leaving in February. We just pulled them in from out in the countryside. It's almost a party!
With Richard and Vicki in the car we were just out driving and discovering new things. Out of the blue there arose out on the horizon a brand new amazing wonderful WalMart! Only 5 minutes from our home. Some of you just will not understand the excitement of the moment, even Vicki who doesn't do WalMart was thrilled! She even approved the bathroom for human use.


Tara said...

Yea Walmart. The real question is that do they have inside, are the things normal? Do they have seasonal salt?

Tina said...

I can complete understand. I will never forget the day I discovered Costco in Japan. It was not quite what I was used to be a big step up! You guys are awesome. Love You!

Julie said...

Wow! That is great that they have a Walmart. I am so happy for you. Have a great Thanksgiving! We love you.

Melinda Lindahl said...

Yeah!!!!! I am so happy for you! How did we miss that when we were there last month? They must have built it right after we left. Haha! Vicki is so funny approving the restroom condition. That is the first thing I would check out. I love your pose! You are such a cute model! Miss you Mom!