Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Zone Conference

Miracles are happening in the mission because of Zorro and SuperMan. Two of the finest Elders in the country, no world, no universe. Their presentation at March Zone Conference was one of the funniest but inspiring I have ever seen. Where do these super heroes come from. I keep thinking they can't get any better. Maybe it's all in my head, but these young men are going places. (Elder Anaya, Elder Sander)
At the Mendoza/Godoy Cruz zone we were serenaded by Elder Arce. He and Elder Scott were missionary companions and still keep in touch. This is Elder Arce's 3rd mission.
I wanted to show you the intricacy of the hand work on the gaucho outfit Elder Arce wears. The color and style is typical of a specific region. Notice the wide pants that are put inside a boot at the feet. These pants allow the cowboy to move freely while riding through the pampas grass on the range.
Zorro, alias "Elder Anaya" shows his strength by lifting the biggest Elder in the mission, Elder Malaki. I am posting this picture to show his dad why, in two weeks when he goes home, he will need hernia surgery. These are spiritual giants waiting for nothing less than miracles, and will try just about anything not to have to go home.

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Lisa said...

Hermana Lindahl, I enjoy reading your blog! I am Elder (Lawrence) Williams' sister, and he told us that you keep this up. It's fun to find him here and there and learn more about the mission. I actually keep a blog for Elder Williams with the letters and pictures he sends. It's at if you'd like to see it. Thank you for taking such good care of him!

Lisa Brown