Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Viejitos Leave For Home

The group including Elder Pedersen below were some of the finest missionaries in the mission. Elder Rubiolo and Elder Romano were Asistants, Elder Pedersen was Secretary when we arrived and made a huge difference to our adjustment. He is from Buenos Aires but speaks better English then most Americans. Elder Pedersen later became an Assistant. Of course Hermana Lindahl is always sad to see her Hermana's go home, but sends them off with lots of love.
(Elder Jovellan, Rubiolo, Romano, Gonzales, Hermana Ehlert, with Elder Pedersen below)
It is always touching to see the first moments when the parents come through the door. Elder Pedersen was pacing the floor for hours. The Pedersen's are an outstanding family from Argentina, with 10 wonderful children. We enjoyed their special words during testimony meeting.

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