Thursday, April 30, 2009

Winter is gone- And things are growing in the Lindahl Family

Faith, Brooke, and Zach now have a new brother. Tara gave birth to Blake Bowen on April 7th in Sandy, Utah. (Hope Tara doesn't get mad about the hospital gown picture)
Great-Grandmother Joy Lindahl holds Blake in the hospital. She flies hundreds of miles to see all her new great-grandchildren.
Ally, Sadie, and Reagan were there to welcome their new sister, Lucy Lindahl. (OK, sorry again about the hospital gown photo)
Great-grandmother Ruth Brown holding little Lucy, born March 21st in Orem, Utah. Both are lovely ladies.

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Debbie said...

I recognized the picture of Ruth Brown before I read her name. I know her because my parents, Russell and Hazel Ball, were friends of hers for years. My mom passed away in 2000 and my dad lived with us for 6 years before he passed away. It just shows what a small world it really is that we live in!!!