Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Party for Yemina Rastelli

An Oreo cookie, a blond between two dark headed lovely ladies. Yemina (right) and her cousin Estephania (left)
Nestor Cabrall with Jim after the birthday party. Nestor is in charge of about 80 chapels and all distribution for the area of Mendoza cuyo. He is also a Bishop and so arrived at the party very late. He is a delightful, animated person and adds life to any party.
Nestor's daughter Brisa, who has become a good friend of mine (if I remember to give her a treat when she comes to the office)
Yemina at the party with family. The table was spread with pita bread sandwiches, chicken and palm hearts. The appetizers were cherry tomatoes and cheese on a toothpick, and ham and cheese rolled together. We had non alcoholic drinks, strawberry flavored.
This is a traditional birthday cake in Argentina. It has four layers, and each is soaked in a sweet flavoring. The bottom is peach, the middle brownie, then a layer of dulce le leche, and the top layer was very interesting with meringue inside of it. It is covered in a frosting very similar to our 7 minute frosting made with egg whites and sugar. Then there is a thin layer of chocolate to cover the top.
Yemina with her cake, after singing Feliz Cumpleaño's. Yemina attends BYU Idaho and is home for the summer break. She has been my spanish teacher for the last month and along with Sarina Thomas will be the reason I just might speak spanish when I get home. "Ojalá"

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