Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Night On the Town with Gabriel and Diego Páez

We don't take the opportunity to go out much, but we were invited to go out to dinner with the Páez's and we had a delightful time. Bishop Páez is hilarious and because of my lack of Spanish vocabulary, I never catch on to his jokes, but Jim is always laughing. My goal is to be able to understand all the jokes and even be able to give one back. The dessert on the table is a fruit and ice cream sundae. They put cut up fruit (like fruit cocktail) in the bottom and then layer ice cream on the top and lay cookies up the sides and whipped cream. It was an Italian restaurant and so I had pasta and Jim had a steak. We can't say enough about the Argentine beef. You'll never taste anything similar in the states.


The Alexanders said...

que parejas mas lindas!! los paez son unos amigos eternos...unos hermanos inolvidables. abrazos a todos ustedes!


Jameson Brown said...

Sister Lindahl,
Your blog is amazing my mom and i have loved reading everything. Thanks for all the updates. I enter the MTC Nov. 4 and so i will arive in mendoza around january so hopefully i make it no problems. Any thing special i should buy or is there a letter i am going to be receiving. I know you are busy but my email is so thanks for everything cant wait to meet you.

Elder Jameson Lonny Brown

Melinda Lindahl said...

You look beautiful Madre!