Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Consejos

We enjoyed the entire day with the Zone Leaders of the mission. We have six new leaders. We meet,have brunch, spend the morning in training and talks, then off to the mission home for a wonderful lunch (if I do say myself). These young men are gaining such a unique experience, and will be our future bishops and stake presidents. We love them.
(left back) Elders Gonzalez, Mendoza, Kirk, Reynolds, Mamani, Paz, Mayta, Vazquez, Clayson (AP) (middle) Elders Smith, Bodily, Zullo, Stevenson, Roy, Patterson, Boyd, Rodriguez, Wiest, Wajchman, Aparcana (bottom) Elders Briceno, Ayala, Matson, Martin (AP) Smith, Medina.
With those many dishes, who would not appreciate help? Elder Boyd and Reynolds were my helpers in the kitchen. I made sure they received the largest pieces of cake and icecream for their efforts. It pays to be nice to Hermana Lindahl.
We have various rewards for achievement, some engraven pens, mission t-shirts, medallions, etc. We don't call it competition, we call it rewards for good behavior. The little trophy is one that district leaders have their names put on for achieving certain goals, the large one is for the Zone Leaders and their achievements. We love the idea of pulling these trophies out years later at reunions, and the missionaries children seeing the names of their father engraven on the trophy.
Elders Patterson, Wiest, Clayson, Vazquez, Stevenson, Roy (lower) Smith, Reynolds
Elders Kirk, Aparcana, Paz (new), Smith (new), Mendoza, Matson (middle) Briceno (new) (lower) Boyd (new), Wajchman/
Elders Zullo (new), Paz (new), Bodily (new), Gonzalez (lower) Mamani, Mayta

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