Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Viejitos Leave the Mission

It is always hard to lose one of our sister missionaries since we only have 18, but we had to say goodbye to Hermana White. She is a strong Hermana, with lots of personality. I will miss her in the ranks.
This group included a lot of our leaders and so in one big swoop we lost our "heart" but not to fear- we are devloping a new artery to the old heart. We always say to our selves, "we don't know how we will do without..." but somehow the Lord places others in our path and the work moves forward. (back left) Elders Chesley, Rogel, Manqui, Rossi, Hermana White. (front left) President, Elders Newbold, Williams, Berezay, Whiteford, Armstrong, Deuel (finally got it right), Hawks, Mendoza.
Just having too much fun. It is a night to remember- the last goodbye to your friends. Those smiles are so large because they know in their hearts that they have done their best and the Lord is pleased with their work. Now on to the next transfer and new companions, but without that name tag and 100% time dedication. We never want to depress them with the thought that the real work starts from here on.

A special award (you probably can't see the little trophy but it is there). Elder Deuel wins the "Most Robbed Missionary" trophy. He was robbed 5 times, 3 successfully, and 1 with a gun. After the 3rd robbery President called his mom to tell her that he had transfered him to the mountains in Uspallata. That would be outer Siberia in our terms. Small town, few guns, and fewer robbers.

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Lisa said...

We've been looking forward to this post! Thank you for taking such good care of Elder Williams, he grew to love you guys very much. Now, we are loving having him home! I have pictures of his homecoming on his blog if you would like to see them.