Sunday, February 28, 2010

From Floods to Earthquakes- what could be next?

Our newspaper article of the 8.8 earthquake in Chile, right over the mountain from us. We all felt the quake early in the morning of February 27th. After being in a flood the weekend before in Buenos Aires, we are a little afraid of what might come next here in our part of the world. Certainly all of this should be seen as a wake up call to the world- D.C. 88:89-90. But of course to contrast this are wonderful stories of promptings before the quake, and families who were prepared, and missionaries who were kept safe. The truth- those who are prepared shall not fear.
Another view of the flood in Buenos Aires the week before. We were just passing a gas station along the road, where the gas pumps were located, you notice no cars are parked next to them. That area was a good foot under water. The under ground trains were all closed because of flooding, so the bus lines were wrapped around the block. Quite an adventure.

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