Friday, April 23, 2010

Valle de Uco District Conference

President Moto with Jim at the Valle de Uco conference. He served as President of the District there for many years. His health is not good and so we needed to take this picture.
President with a group of little girls at the conference. He misses his granddaughters.
Another one of those angel faces- future missionary- or future mission president. His name is Eduardo Vargas (11).
Sister Gabriela Borei who rode her bicycle (on the left) to conference and kept this little gift she had made for me in her basket until after church. She was so ashamed it wasn't more, and I was ashamed that I had to take the gift from her because I knew she had so little. The gift was homemade membrillo (a sweet orange colored fruit that they made into a thick sugary treat). This woman is probably in her 70's and you should see how beautiful her skin is. If eating the membrillo will give me skin like that, I think I will eat it all!
Karen Vargas had written me a note during conference which she gave to me after the meeting. She told me thank you for my talk and how she wanted to grow up and be a missionary just like me. She thanked me for my example for all the young women. "Nunca me voy a olvidar de usted" she said. I will never forget you either Karen.
Baptisms after the conference, led by zone leader Elder Wiest. Six people were baptized that day.

We call them "fruta abaja" or the lower hanging fruit that is easy to pick- a young 9 year old that Elder Mamani gets to count as a baptism. So many sweet young children just never get around to being baptized because their parents are semi-active.

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