Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elder Esplin arrives and a Fireside in the park

Elder Esplin arrived a few days later than his group, but at least he made it here. Our visa problem continues to mess up transfers. Elder Esplin has great spanish, but we would expect that since his teacher in the MTC was none other than Elder Slater or Jesse Slater as he is now known. We are so grateful to have Hermano Slater teaching our missionaries important facts like- no matter what the consulate man says, they do have siesta here not just in the north, and we do pronounce the "jo" in pollo, not "yo," and all sorts of other important stuff.
This is my first outdoor fireside in the park. I spoke for 40 minutes tonight in Spanish (yes Sarina I used notes) but it felt great to have accomplished this small feat without my husband standing near me. The young adults of Godoy Cruz Stake were very kind, and thank you Sister Hunt for taking the picture and missing being in it. These young ladies are sincerely trying to live the gospel, in a very hard world. Hopefully I left them with a feeling of hope. I know I left with more faith in the Lord-
"Come to the edge." I answered, "No, I will fall."
He called again, "Come to the edge. "No, I will fall"
"Come to the edge." I did. He pushed me. And I flew.


Tara said...

Your awesome mom!

Tina said...

Such beautiful sisters.