Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zone Leader Council (Consejos)

Here they are- the new heart of the mission. There hasn't been this much "animo" in one room any where in Argentina. These are our valiant warriors for this transfer.
(left back) Elders Wiest, Rodriguez, Vazquez, Bodily, Toledo, Aparcana, Reynolds, Nieve, Matson, President (middle) Elders Zullo, Cardus (AP), Kirk, Mendoza, Sprague, Smith, Mamani, Paz, Boyd, Ramirez, Patterson (front) Medina, Conti, Hurst, Martin (AP), Smith Wajchman.
Assistant Elder Martin and Elder Cardus checking out their handy work. They love giving recognition for great work. They found these little trophies and medallions and and the zone leaders seem to love being patted on the back and told that they had the best numbers in a certain key indicator. It is all in fun. Now isn't that what a mission should be.
Almost ready to start the meeting.

Somehow Elder Patterson found his way to the start of the line. You can see the line starting behind him. We feed 30 people on the day of Consejos. If I do say so myself, the tacos were especially good this time. What ever I did, I hope I can repeat it.
This is the end of the line, it wrapped from the kitchen through the exercise room, around the corner and back up the hallway. Poor Elders Boyd, Kirk, Bodily, and Zullo, I hope there is some left for them.
The most touching part is at the end of the evening when they all join arms and sing the mission song. They sing it with such gusto, the walls seem to shake- I know a few moms who would say, "My son sing?" These are not the same young men who use to hide their heads so they wouldn't have to sing the primary songs.
Elders Smith, Kirk, Aparcana, Bodily, Zullo, Patterson.
Elders Sprague, Mendoza, Paz, Mamani.
The aftermath! Clean up is never fun...
Unless you have a great helper like Hermana Mallea who makes sure that everything is just right.

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