Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hermana Conference

Our Hermana Conference was a big success. Girls just love to get together and feel special (which they are). Each received a charm bracelet (thanks Tara and Vicki) with 7 charms (CTR, rose, keys, Liahona, praying hands, temple, Book of Mormon, backpack) each with a symbolic meaning to go with a class that day. There were pink cloth bags and treats (thanks Janis) for each sister. We went to the zoo, had a great lunch.
(back left) Hermanas Roman, Burnett, Bonilla, Deem, Cuello, Kartchner, Sybrowsky, Gutierrez, Whitmore, Hunt, Flake, Pinto, Alvez, Ochoa (front left) Me, Hermanas Toro, Rojas, Villalba, Maucotel and Hermana Brown in the center
Service project, putting together first aid kits for each of the missionaries emergency backpack (all 200 of them).
Enjoying the zoo.
We found the friendly mountain lion who purrs and likes to be pet. Almost lost fingers petting the one who didn't (just kidding). Bet you can't get this close in zoo's in the US.

The panther was pacing, and would come up to the front of the cage and growl and hiss at us. In the picture below I was able to capture it even though I was sure he was going to come through the metal and bite me.
My hand would be about 10 inches away. You shouldn't try this at home- it's only for professionals.

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Tara said...

Mom, nice Panther picture. Man I missed out on that one. Those things are freaky! You say just kidding on loosing your fingers with the mean mountain lion. I won't tell anyone that wasn't a joke! It looks like a great sucess! You are amazing. I thought for sure you would be there in time for the birth of the baby leopard!