Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oldies Leave and New Missionaries Come

Sister Warren left 4 weeks early and so was all by herself as she left on the airplane. She returns to sunny California.
This is our viejito group for May. We will miss them all, but know that their families are waiting with open arms. They served the Lord well, and we will love them forever.
(left back) Elder Sanchez, Gonzalez, Fuentes, President, Me, Hermana Rojas, Pintos, Villalba (left front) Elders Tillery, Lloyd, Harker
Hermana Rojas (Canada) Hermanas Pintos and Villalba (Argentina)

Our new missionaries arrived late in the evening of May 4th. The airlines are on strike and so they were flown in on the last plane that night. They were tired, but happy to finally arrive. That is a new sign above them for our little airport.
(left back) Elders Burr, Espino, Gonzalez, Hansen, Hancock, Arauz, Ramos, Alvarez, Obaldia, Mori (left front) Hermanas Sollis, Astorga, Garcia.
We skipped the lovely dinner at the mission home because it was so late. We stopped by McDonalds for a late night snack. We wanted to get them settled and in bed so they could rest before their training in the morning. This will be the last normal tasting meal for the North Americans, unless they are serving in the city. That is the only place there is a McDonalds.

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Dean said...

I could hear the jeleousy in your voice as you said that sister returned home to sunny California! Could you not talk her into switching you spots?