Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stake Conference in San Rafael and General Alvear

This picture is for my sisters- These sweet sisters live in San Rafael, two of the sisters were not there. They are all active members of the church. Together they have over 100 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. They are the most friendly ladies, all well dressed and well spoken. Their names: Beatriz Mohamed, Elida Mohamed, Maria Cristina Mohamed, Olga Mohamed (not there Sara Mohamed, Liboria Mohamed) Daughter Anita Lucia Martinez Mohamed (3rd from the right)
We have this small one room chapel in Salto de las Rosas, with an apartment attached at the side where these missionaries (Elder Caballero and Elder Roundy) live. Right in front of the chapel is a little stream/ditch which flooded over during a large storm and ruined the apartment of the Elders. They will be moving out next week.
This is the bridge to the apartment and chapel. President decided to test it out. Luckily he survived since we had to speak in 20 more minutes at the Alvear Stake Conference. It would be my luck he would fall through the boards and I would have to take the whole time at conference speaking a foreign language (which is still pretty foreign to me).
Gauchos riding along the highway, off to work.
A wonderful musical family who all starred in the Alvear Stake Conference. The mother lead the choir, the father played the keyboard, the older brother the flute and the younger brother played both the flute and harmonica in a beautiful hymn accompaniment (not found in the english hymnbook). The choir did a beautiful job, their voices were so clear and sweet.
Gustavo Yllanes (sons Pablo and Manuel)

New members of the church. Lovely sisters and their mom. You could feel such a sweet spirit about them. What a golden family. (left Yesica Tkazek, Melisa Tkazek, Karen Tkazek, and mother Alejandra Ramero)
The picture got out of order, but our musical family the Yllanes had twins. It was so interesting because each of the babies looks like a different parent. The little girl is a pretty little thing like the mother with light hair and eyes, the little boy has dark eyes and dark hair. So cute.
Jim caught this moto on the highway doing about 30 miles an hour. Grandma looks quite comfortable.
We were driving along the highway going home from conference (5 hours) and off to one side was a family outside eating under a canopy of grapevines. They were all enjoy a Sunday asado (BBQ). The area was rural countryside with very few homes along the way. They had all gathered at one of the homes. Though you can't see much of the one room home, it is a typical adobe brick home covered with a thin layer of paint. Out the front door is this arbor covered with grape vines. I asked the Elders in the car to go and say hi and take a picture. You can see Elder Martin, Sorensen and LeBron at the end of the table giving a wave.
Just the army of Helaman coming back to the car. They left their message of Christ, took their picture, and left the family with a good feeling about the random interruption to their lives. I don't know if you can see it in their eyes, or maybe you can feel it in your heart right now as you look at their faces- but those smiles are the smiles of obedient missionaries who are doing exactly what the Lord has asked them to do... Share their message of hope and love.
Elders Cardus, LeBron, Martin, Sorensen.
Elder Slater where ever you are- this is a memory just for you.


Tara said...

That picture of the missionaries walking the street needs to be submitted to the Ensign! That is priceless. It is so fun to see these pictures of the office missionaries and to know them. Love you!

Whitney said...

I love that picture of our assistants! They all look so happy! That's how missionaries should always look!
Sister Flake