Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Oldies Leave and Our New Missionaries Arrive

Elder Sybrowsky and wife Lynne Sybrowsky came the long distance to pick up their daughter. We have enjoyed having them here in Mendoza the entire week (see the next blog entry). They are dear friends from the "good ol' days" and it has been fun to catch up on all their assignments, travel and family. Let's just say Elder Sybrowsky has more stamps in his passport than I have ever seen.
Our great friends are going home. It is always a sad moment. These three missionaries have served long and well. We love them and will miss them. (left) Elder Hollinger, Elder Knight, Elder Martin.
Say cheese? We always serve our meals family style. This is their invitation to take all that they want. We see a marked difference in the amount of food we serve to the Oldies versus the New missionaries. The Oldies eat everything that is within sight, and the New missionaries who haven't been starved for 2 years just take a small portion.
All Gringos this time. It is the first time I can remember being able to bear my testimony in English (I stumbled over the words). Our missionaries returning home deserve an extra gold medal on their chests. Living here under hard conditions really helps them appreciate all the comforts of home. Their last week in the mission has been freezing cold. I am sure right now they are basking in the summer sun and loving it. (Thank you to parents who were understanding when they arrived home a day late. It seems they missed their flight in Buenos Aires and couldn't get a flight out for 24 hours. Hope there weren't too many family reunions planned)
Elders Knight, Martin, Hollinger, Morgan, President and I, Hermanas Hunt, Sybrowsky
Welcome-Elder Ostler
Our New missionaries from the MTC in Provo arrived a day late also. They were bumped off their flight in Atlanta because Delta overbooked. Twenty-four hours later they were flying first-class to Buenos Aires. They said they have never had such service- hot towels and great food. Lucky them. Of course we had their trainers to deal with, meals to cancel, Immigration appointment to cancel along with the witnesses, food that was prepared for their first meal put away in the refrigerator.
Welcome- Elder Allen
Welcome Elder Huntington
Welcome- Elder Easley
On Friday night, we welcomed our two visa waiters who were assigned to the Tennessee mission (trying to get their visas) and have served almost three months there. This is especially hard on our missionaries and we will watch them carefully. It is hard to come from a mission where they have central heating/airconditioning, cars, referrences, and ample food- to a freezing cold winter with no heating, no cars and long hours walking, no referrals, and different tasting food. We know it will take some time, but we will love them and help them adjust. We know that at the end of their mission they will never want to change a thing and they will have stories to tell their kids about testimony and miracles, and the special people in Argentina.
Welcome- Elder Maughan

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