Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Oldies Leave and Our New Missionaries Arrive

Our "viejitos" gathered for their "last supper" with President and me. It is always a bitter/sweet evening as we bear testimony of truth and acknowledge together that none of us on this mission could have lasted a day without the strength the gospel brings into our lives. But the hard days bring a clearer view to the brightness when again easier days shine forth. To know the sweet, you must taste the bitter. Like the sun shining after a storm, each day on the mission provides a school for life. All hard days will get better, and with sufficient hope we can see the silver lining (even a sliver of it) to let us know that we are watched over and loved .
(left) Elders Figueroa, Smith, Pres., Mayta, Kirk (front) Hermana Bonilla
I had to include this picture of our sweet Elder Crossa, who for the 3rd time has arrived at the Mendoza airport to be greeted. He has had to return home to Uruguay two times to be treated for an injury that occurred before the mission (rod in his femur). There are strict instructions in place now- no sports of any kind until after he goes home.
Hermana Diaz (Argentina)
Hermana Resquin (Paraguay)
Elder Hunter (Arizona)
Elder Bready (Washington)
Hermana Wilde (California)
Elder Passey (Alberta Canada)
Elder McClain (New Jersey)
Elder Jacobs (California)
Elder Burns (Idaho)
Elder Treadway (Arizona)


Melinda Lindahl said...

Isn't that the truth! I am grateful for the Fall so that we can taste of the sweet because of the bitter. Miss you two!

McClain Family said...

Dear President and Sister Lindahl,
Thank you for maintaining this website as it allows us to keep up to date on current events in the Mission and see our missionaries. I served in the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission in '82-'83, long before internet was even invented so we had to rely on the postal system to keep in touch with our families. This website is a blessing to the families of those serving in the Mission. May the Lord continue to bless you and those serving in the Mission to seek out and find those who have been prepared to be taught the everlasting gospel.
Jim McClain
(Father of Elder Ryan McClain - 1 of last week's "nuevitos")

Robin said...

Dear President and Sister Lindahl: This is Ryan's mom. Will you please provide me with His mailing address. Thank you so much. My email address is