Monday, September 27, 2010

September Consejos

Zone Leader Council starts with a brunch- fruit, pastries and sandwiches. The Zone Leaders come from all 12 zones in the mission, some travel as far as 4 hours (5 hours on the bus) to arrive by 9:00. But don't they look wide awake and ready for the morning? They look great!
The monthly "Copa" winner, the Maipu Zone with Zone Leaders Elders Harvey and Ruiz.
They contributed 12 baptisms last month to help the mission break their long standing record of 103- with 125 baptisms. Thanks to all the zones who all met their goals.
After the 4 hour meeting, the missionaries are ready to eat, and eat, and eat. This is the famous taco dinner that they all wait for, with fruit, pasta, and jello salads. For "postre" is texas sheet cake and the famous Argentine "helado" dulce le leche and raspberry. For the north americans it is a taste from home, for the latinos- they just think we are weird for liking that hot mexican salsa. Say hi to Elder Daivs and Elder Ruiz! First in line.
Elder Fowler and Elder Conti ready to start into the food line. That Elder Fowler might look innocent with only two taco shells on his plate, but just give him time, I think he went through the line three more times.
Elder Sorensen stealing my place at the table to eat his dessert, Elder Medina, Alfonso, Gomez.
Elder Harvey and Elder Bigelow enjoying some time looking at some photos. It's good his mom can't see the cut under his left eye where a tree jumped out and whacked him! Those trees can be dangerous.
Getting comfortable on the sofa after lunch. Elders Benitez, Ruiz, Oliveros, Porras, Conti, Morera, Gimenez.
Amigos- Elder Mitchell and Elder Aparcana.
The group picture after lunch. President couldn't be with us for lunch, as he left Consejos and drove with Elder Frishchknecht to Chimbas to speak at the funeral for Patriarch Zanni who died yesterday. Here in Argentina they bury their dead the next day because they do not embalm.
(left back) Elders Davis, Smith, Barrus, Porras, Robinson, Lucas, Paz, Bills, Gomez, Gimenez. (left middle) Elders Oliveros, Ruiz, Harvey, Bigelow, Fowler, Medina, Conti, Morera, Benitez, Alfonso, Mitchell, Leal. (left front) Elders Hopkin, Wiest, Wajchman, Aparcana, Rodriguez, Sorensen, Reynolds.
Hard to get the "boy" out of the "missionary"


Anna Lisa said...

Sister Lindahl:
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for feeding these elders so well. Elder Fowler needed to go 'through the line' about 5 more times to put some weight back on!!! I so appreciate your blog as I get to "see" him through your pictures.
Sis. Anna Lisa Fowler

Ricky said...

You do an awesome job taking pictures and giving info on Elders.I have been to other mission site blogs and there is no comparison.Keep up the great job and LOOK at those MISSIONAIRIES,arent they just so cool.