Friday, September 24, 2010

President tracting with his Missionaries

President in Valle de Uco with Zone Leaders Elder Morera (left) and Elder Mitchell. Out in the country you have to walk lots of miles to find the people to teach, but they found them. They The vineyards on the left are just starting to show their buds. The spring is here and the weather is beautiful.


Brian said...

Elder Mitchell, Your shoes look kinda dirty... but that is ok ... I still love you .... Much Love

Brian said...

Elder Mitchell, Your Shoes still dirty .... hmm ... Is that a Hufflepuff tie ? and your compa ? a ravenclaw ? Interesting no doubt. Is your Mission President Bible bashing your shoulder? anyways you all still look like your doing well ... 3 months later. Sure love ya. Roger says Hi. P.S. This is Brian and Hailey.