Saturday, December 25, 2010


We know it is a hard time of year to be so far away from family, we hope that these little gatherings helped to soften the hurt and provide some joy.
The mission was divided in half for their December Zone Conference. One group on Tuesday December 21, the other Wednesday December 22. (I am still looking for the other picture)
With Sister Lindahl out of town, other directors were chosen. Sister Nope was chosen as director of the thousands of details (I thought she was kidding when she said "nope" when I asked her). Her assistant was Sister Packer, and the "go to guys" were the Assistants, Elder Hopkin and Elder Frischknecht.
Elder Packer (alias Santa Claus) and Sister Packer were great sports and filled in where they were asked with no grumbling (because of course Santa was watching).
Poor Sister Nope and Elder Nope the day before, were not quite sure if their voluntary service as Senior Missionaries qualified them for these crazy hours of work.
The decorating went on far into the night. I bet that night in the Nope apartment, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
And the tables were set...
In hopes that the missionaries would remember what had been taught in their heads...
When our artist and nurse Sister Packer realized we had no manger scene, she said, "no problem." She sculpted these statues with her clay and Sister Nope sewed the clothes. But I think her sacrifice went way beyond the call when I found out that Sister Nope had cut her hair to use on Mary and Joseph. The manager is basic paper mache with lots of glue. Since I wasn't there for the last few weeks, I wouldn't put it past those two ladies to grow and cut their own hay for the manager.
All the trees were decorated.
The costumes set out and ready for the pageant.
There was no room (in the Inn) for the eating tables and the games, and so the eating tables were set in the hall ready to be brought in at lunch time. Aren't our little elves TALL!
After a short zone conference meeting, the missionaries adjourned to the cultural hall for the festivities.
There was even entertainment, as the missionaries shared their talents.

The pageant.

Let the fun begin. Games were played.

Can't have a party without food.

The treats table.
The lunch was cooked and served by the famous Rastelli and Acosta families. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy. The North Americans loved it, the Latinos love the beef, but have never seen gravy before. So many different customs that we all can learn to enjoy.
Ho! Ho! Ho! To end the day the missionaries had a visit from Santa Claus. It was so nice of him to come down here to the Southern Hemisphere to bring the missionaries their stockings.
Santa was a great hit! Only the very best little girls and boys got stockings this year- all 200 missionaries of the Argentina Mendoza Mission.
Thank you to my sisters Vivian Nash and Tammy Murray who each year contribute to the goodies in the stocking, and Vicki Willes my good friend who provided the Sisters gifts and somehow got involved sending boxes of gifts through the mail this year. We couldn't do it without you.
Merry Christmas to All and to All a Goodnight!
Thank you Sister and Elder Nope, and Sister and Elder Packer!!!

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