Monday, December 27, 2010

Visit To The States

My trip to the U.S. for the wedding of our son Barrie and the birth of our 12th grandchild began in November. I left Mendoza Argentina on a nice spring day and arrived in a blizzard at the Salt Lake airport.
I stayed with my daughter Tara who lives in front of the Draper temple. In the next few weeks I would travel to the home of my son in Pleasant Grove to stay with that family. Then off to Mesa Arizona for the wedding of Barrie and Lacy, and then to our son Spencer's home in Chandler Arizona to help with the new baby.
There was a trip to the Aquarium in Utah. It was grandma's desire to get to know the grandchildren she didn't know- Lucy Lindahl (left) and Blake Bowen (right). The only way they would warm up to grandma was the package of fruit snacks I had in the hand. That is the hard part of serving a mission so far away, not even being recognized by your grandchildren.

During my stay at Tara's home, the girls decided to all donate a foot of their hair to "Locks Of Love." This is a picture of Faith's hair before she had it cut. I am sure she had enough hair for two wigs, her hair is so thick.
The results.
Even Mom got in on the act, and cut 12" off of her hair.
Brooke's hair before it was cut.
Lovely Brooke after it was cut. They were all excited to help cancer children who had lost their hair. Tara is an RN who specialized in pediatric oncology. She has many stories to tell the girls about the children in Primary Childrens Hospital.

DECEMBER 11, 2010
To help celebrate with Barrie were my sisters and my mom.
(left) Ruth Brown, Tammy Murray, Vivian Nash, Me, JoEllen Carlson
(missing is my sister Shawna, who volunteered to watch my father who is no longer able to leave the home, and my brother Randy Brown. It was Barrie's wish to not have his grandma Brown miss the wedding)
The wedding group on the steps of the Mesa Arizona temple. Grandma Joy Lindahl and Grandpa Blaine Lindahl are in the front row on the right. Grandpa Lindahl sealed Barrie and Lacy in the temple. He has given all the grandchildren their patriarchal blessings and married everyone of the grandchildren (with only a few to go).
Our grandchildren at the reception with Barrie and Lacy.
The best picture we could get with all the grandchildren and me. Of course the person we miss the most is Grandpa who had to stay in Mendoza and watch over his missionaries. It was a hard day for him.

After the wedding I remained in Arizona to help with the birth of Melinda and Spencer's baby. The day Melinda was in labor we waited at home till she got close, then I loaded up Kimball, Lexus, and Elise and headed to the hospital. It took mom another hour so we played out by the hospital Christmas tree.
McLaren Ruth Lindahl was born at 10:30 PM in the Mercy Memorial Hospital on December 21st. She weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. and was 20" long. She has all her toes and fingers and she is lovely. And doesn't Mom look happy, along with two proud big sisters.
The Spencer Lindahl family (and friend Chris on the right).
Grandma and Elise showing off our new baby born four days before Christmas.
Barrie and Lacy were good sports to put on the children's nativity costumes and be apart of the pageant on Christmas Eve. It was a treat to have our own live baby Jesus.
Barrie grew the beard just for the program (I am kidding- they just got off their honeymoon and he must not have shaved)
Kimball, Lexus, and Elise showing off their Christmas pajamas.
I left Arizona on December 27th and returned to Mendoza to find all well there.

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