Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Oldies Leave and Our New Missionaries Arrive

President had the oldies over for dinner the night and testimony meeting before they left. Hermana Mallea helped out by cooking the dinner. I was sad not to be able to tell them all goodbye and at least be able to give Sister Kartchner a hug, but we are hoping to see them all at our first reunion in October 2011. Saying goodbye to our missionaries is always one of the hardest things we do. These fine young people have sacrificed and given up all the comforts of home but traded for the experience of a life time. They will never forget the happy days or the very hard ones. But the hard ones were the ones that have molded their testimonies and forged their futures to be the great leaders of the church.
(left) Elders Davis, (President Lindahl), Hurst, Bateman, Reynolds, Mitma, Bills, Aparcana, Ahmad, Hermana Kartchner

Elder Valle with companion Elder Pederson
Elder Fackrell with companion Elder Williams

Companion Elder Hyer, with Elder Owens
Elder Allred with companion Elder Barton
Elder Wharton with companion Elder Peterson
Elder Galati with companion Elder Barlow
Companion Elder Torres with Elder Solano
Companion Elder Quebbeman with Elder Stufflebeam
Companion Elder George with Elder Molen
Elder Tanner with companion Elder Moriarty
Elder Norblad with companion Elder Moncur
Companion Elder Stout with Elder McMurray

During my absence (December 15th)President also said goodbye to one of our very best Assistants Elder Wiest. They failed to take a picture of him before he left, but I wanted to include it in this history of the mission. He served with President for 6 months, the longest we have had an Assistant serve while we have been here.
These three fine Elders left this week, each one wanting to get back in time to go to school. They have all three served as zone leaders and were fantastic. Elder Rodriguez serving with Elder Weist as an Assistant. We said goodbye to Elder Rodriguez about 6 times in the last two days. Because of expired documents he was not allowed to board his plane yesterday to Chile. After a desperate trip to the Consulate and many phone calls, and two days at the airport they finally let him on last night. We are hoping he made is safely home into the arms of very patient parents.
(left) Elders Nieve, Rodriguez, (President), Elder Boyd
Just a photo we thought we would send to Steve Winn from Mr. Mac's in the Orem Mall. His suit bag has survived 2 years of abuse and is still ticking. Elder Rodriguez will be taking it to Chile, so we can now say that Mr. Mac has now gone international.

Poor Elder LiƱares from San Salvador has been serving in his country for six months as a missionary, and his Visa finally came through. We were happy to go and greet him and welcome him finally to the only true mission south of the border- MISSION MENDOZA!!!

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Well I think the work you are doing is great, I'd love to go over to Mendoza but for a little time I have to stay in my Argentina Apartments Happy Holydays!