Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Consejos (Zone Leader Council)

Here they are, the brightest and the best- well, that is until next transfer and we get a whole new group. We love them for all their great service and dedication. They all try so hard to be obedient and good. One day they are snow-boarding and surfing, and the next they are leading their zone with great skill and a good attitude. But don't tell their moms, they might expect too much of them when they get home.
(Top left) Elders Fielding, Harvey, Davis, Miller, Sandford, Oliveros, Hinojosa
(Middle left) Elders Ruiz, Menocal, Paz, Morera, Gomez, Leal, Benitez, Frischknecht (laying down) Burr, Brown, Martinez, Cabranes, Redd
(Floor left) Elders Hopkin, Bigelow, Fowler, Eliason, Garcia, Lucas
We welcome the new Zone Leaders! Which means that with 12 zones, almost half of our Zone Leaders are new this month.
From left- Elders Menocal, Davis, Redd, Miller, Sandford, Fielding, Martinez, Burr, Beck, Garcia
Winners of the "COPA" this month is San Rafael. This might not sound all that exciting to you, but the San Rafael Zone has never won the cup and so this is an exciting day for Mission Mendoza, and also Elders Barrus (served during the competition), Elder Paz and Elder Menocal
Practices with Elder Morera, Elder Redd and Elder Davis
The first ones in line, they must be hungry from all that practicing- Elders Lucas, Beck and Eliason.
Even our wonderful latinos asked where I was last month, because they missed their taco dinner at Sister Lindahl's house. Everyone but the Argentine Elders, they don't care for tacos.
Enjoying a good home-cooked meal. There is even ice in the water, something they never see out in the field. They love to come in the mission home and see the dishwasher and the washing machine and drier. They sit on the carpet and don't even need the furniture. I tell our new missionaries who come to my home for their first meal in the mission home- this will be the last time you will see these appliances and carpet. The oldies come in for their departing dinner and they can't believe how long it has been since they have seen carpet. In the states we would not even consider these things luxuries, but they are!
Before they all leave the mission home they come together and sing the mission song. It is always hard for them to leave. They linger and linger. There is a lot of love in this mission.

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