Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reward For A Job Well Done- Trip to Aconcagua

The Group consisted of 40 of Past Zone Leaders and Current Zone Leaders who had participated in the RRRUUUNNN to the finish line- delivering 1,039 baptism for 2010. This was the reward that President had promised them. The person missing was Elder Wiest our Assistant (who left in December) but who was valuable in achieving the goal (we miss you). Congratulations Mission Mendoza.
Aconcagua is the tallest peak in the Western Hemisphere and is 22,841 feet high. Where the Elders are standing is around 11,000 feet.The shelf of snow sitting on that ledge on the right is considered a glacier. It is suppose to be about 600 ft. tall.

Singing the mission song at the base camp of Aconcagua.
The Mission Cheer!
Our Peruvians- Elders Oliveros, Porres, Hinojosa, (Elder Ruiz who is not)
Our Paraguayans- Elders Alfonso, Conti, Benitez
Argentines- (left) Elders Gomez, Paz, Wajchman, Medina, Ruia, Morera, Martinez , Mendoza, Cabranes
Gringos- (top left) Elders Fielding, Sandford, Barrus, Campbell, Davis, Hopkin, Robinson, Lucas, Frischknecht, Davis, Eliason (bottom) Elders Harvey, Sorensen. Miller, Galati, Bigelow, Barlow, Fowler, Brown, Redd, Beck
Current and Past Assistants still in the Mission- (left) Elders Paz, Hopkin(current), Smith, Wajchman, Medina, Frischknecht(current), Sorensen.
Past Office Elders- Elders Miller, Sandford, Campbell, Cabranes.
O.K. How did these Hermanas get in the picture? President saw them up at the base camp (they had met their goals), and told them to come join the group.
We had to take a picture of Elder Burr with all of his Latino friends. The Burr family are famous in our neighborhood with their helicopter company in Utah. We thought it would be good to document the only helicopter we ever see in Mendoza- the rescue helicopter for Aconcagua.
The Inca Bridge. For those who aren't up on the blog, this is the only land bridge that existed for the Incas the cross the river to go down into Uspallata. The history books say that that is as far as they are recorded going down the canyon. The bridge is the strip of land above the heads of the Elders. The colorful rocks is the result of minerals due to underwater streams that continue to flow out of the rocks and cascade down in to the river below. The windows and bars you see in the background is the remains of a Hotel that use to be cut deep in to the rock, with natural water springs in the rooms. The hotel has been closed for many years.
Congratulations Elder Campbell. Elder Campbell our valuable office Elder who joined the group to go up the mountain because our farthest apartment in Uspallata is on the way. He installed the very last of 64 carbon monoxide detectors on the wall of every apartment "pension" in the mission. He did it in 3 weeks. He traveled around 1500 miles to accomplish the feat. And yes, he did this and also met all his missionary goals. Hurray for valiant missionaries.
Two of our great Zone Leaders standing infront of the Uspallata pension, Elders Sandford and Fielding. Just wanted to show the pretty roses. Uspallata is the only pension in the mountains, and it gets lots of snow in the winter ( it sits at 6200 ft. and has a local ski resort is close by).


Diana said...

Sister Lindahl,
I can't thank you enough for keeping up this blog of the mission. It is so wonderful to see our son and the elders he serves with. It also gives us a chance to see the beautiful area that he sees as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
~Sister Crowther

grandmasue said...

I think the spirit of these great Elders is taller than Mt. Aconcauga.

Anna Lisa said...

Pres. and Sis. Lindahl:
Thanks for the trip to Mt Aconcauga; Elder Fowler loved it! So appreciate your blog and pictures as you keep all of us "at home" feeling and experiencing a part of their missions!