Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zone Conference with Dr. & Jenenne Goodwin

The men who make the conference possible. Our Assistants Elders Hopkin and Frishchknecht, and the traveling Assistants Elders Sorensen and Leal (not shown, Elders Frost and Campbell)
Yellow tie day.
Our Zone Conference week began with greeting and getting to know our visitor, Dr. Dave Goodwin and his wife Jenenne who traveled with us through the week. Dr. Goodwin is from Ceder City by way of Idaho. He use to run a boys ranch in years gone by, using his expertise to redirect the lives of teenagers through ranch experience. We enjoyed their visit immensely and learned from Dr. Goodwin's many stories (and so did some of our missionaries). We are seen here with Elder and Sister Packer our senior couple.
(left) Sister Packer, Sister Goodwin, Elder Goodwin, Me, President, Elder Packer
Valle de Uco Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Redd and Davis
San Rafael Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Esplin and Menocal
Alvear Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Burr and Benitez
Godoy Cruz Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Moncur, Garcia
San Luis Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Bigelow and Fowler
Villa Mercedes Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Brown, Miller
San Martin Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders George and Hinojosa
San Juan Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Harvey and Ruiz
Chimbas Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Roberts, Gomez
Maipu Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Cabranes and Martinez
Guaymallen Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Fielding and Sandford
Mendoza Zone
Zone Leaders- Elders Eliason and Beck
Training from our Traveling Assistants- Elders Leal, Sorensen, Frost, Campbell
Elder Falcon testifying as he practiced a 2 minute explanation of the Book of Mormon
The quiet-calm-rest after lunch was served- THE SCRIPTURE CHASE COMPETITION!
We are happy to report that no blood was lost this session, or chairs broken.
Wild and crazy competition including three zones, and the winners were Elder Winget and Jacobs (both new missionaries). They were awesome~ but the winners was...
Elder Jacobs was the first to find the scripture in under 3 seconds (sitting). He won the competition. Heh, Elder Reynolds, sorry you went home, we could have provided you some stiff competition!
This time we had San Juan and Chimbas come in by bus, instead of us traveling to them. These are the members from San Juan who contract the bus for us. They are so sweet to work with.
Air conditioned, soft seats, treats, and good friends- I had to come in just to try it out. Not bad!
Picking up "pedidos" from the office on the right. Elders Easley, Owens, Burns, Olson.
The Godoy Cruz chapel is on the left, the Mission office on the right. Very convenient.
Elders Owens, Ostler, Leal, Scoville, Argumedo, Arrua, Hyer.
Training demonstration with Elders Rabanal, Mason, and AP Elder Frischknecht
A BIG SHOUT OUT TO JOSH IN OGDEN UTAH- We are all rooting for you Josh. Josh is our honorary missionary who was hurt in an accident and so can't serve a mission at this time. We are praying for you, Josh. You give us great strength and a determination to do better, each time we talk to you.
The Ladies!
Hermanas Resquin, Ochoa, Wilde, Gutierrez, Alvez, Sollis, Diaz, Whitmore.
Hi MOM- Elders Boyle, Miller, Austin, Hoggard, Barrus, Tanner.
Winners of the three zone scripture chase in San Luis/Villa Mercedes/Guaymallen- Elder Fowler and Hermana Alvez.
Elders Williams and Pedersen (thanks Elder Pedersen for the music)
Hermana Alvez and Whitmore with Elders Leal, Roncal, Rabanal, Guzman, Perdomo.
Elders Escano, White, Gutierrez, Davenport, Roche
Elder Frischknecht (AP) reviewing the earthquake preparedness power point that Sister Packer had put together for the zone conferences (she didn't travel to San Rafael).
The winners of the scripture chase play-off from the San Rafael/Alvear/Valle de Uco Conference- Elders Menocal, Robinson, Linares. The winner of one heat was Elder Linares, the other was Elder Menocal.
Our Panamanian Elders with President. Notice their hand stitched ties. Elder Linares gave President one of these ties when he arrived. They are beautiful ties.
Elders Martins, Linares, Obaldia, Arrauz.
A group of our Utah boys- Elders Burr, Davis, Jones, Esplin, Carr, Frischknecht, Evans, Sorensen, Redd, Mitchell.
Chile, Argentina, Uruguay Group- Elders Rodriguez, ,Benitez, Leal, Orozco, Rojas
Northern States and Canadian- Elders Lounsbury, Passey, Bready, Hermanas Pelton, Anderson, Crapse (not from the North)
What was left of the California group- Hermana Crapse, Me, president, Elders Carr, Dyer.

San Rafael Hermanas- Crapse, Richins, Pelton, Anderson.


Lori Bready said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting them :D Elder Bready's mom, Lori Bready

Falcon Family said...

So great to all that you have done in Mendoza!! Go elder Falcon on teaching the book of Mormon! Thanks for taking such great care of him!