Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Week Finishes With A Bang

A friend of my mother's came to visit us in Mendoza. Her name is Caroline (Crawford) Vond. She was born and raised in Mendoza, and after joining the church went to the U.S. and has lived there since. Her family was quite an influential family back in the day and owned lots of land, cattle and vineyards. She and her second husband came to visit her family during a very exciting time- Vendimia. That is the harvest of the grapes. Stay tuned, and expect more pictures next week.
Yesterday was a storm to remember. It started to rain, then thunder, then hail. It was coming down so bad we had to have Elder Quebbman brave the pelting hail and open the drainage ditch along the edge of the chapel/office. You can see the water flowing in.
Our cute Elder Cabranes catching the hail. Though it doesn't show up, he brought me a piece that was just a bit smaller than a golf ball.

The aftermath outside the gates of the office, showing the street and sidewalk. This storm destroyed the grape crop in LaValle and part of Maipu. It shredded the leaves and grapes right off the vines. It was a devastating storm, destroying roofs and breaking plate glass windows.
Elder Campbell and Elder Quebbman who had to save the office from being flooded.
A fun video of a the Elders below, braving the storm to do what boys love to do most- get their clothes wet. They left that afternoon to go home to find their pension flooded and the upper floor where we have 6 sets of bunk beds for the visiting missionaries to sleep over on-flooded and the mattresses all wet because the roof tore off.


MissEmilyStephenson said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot BELIEVE that elder was standing in all of that freezing water barefoot! Neat that you post videos, post some from your upcoming zone conference :) I love your blog, thanks for your service!

Ben said...

That is incredible hail! I remember being in a hail storm like that in Pacifico, General Alvear in the beginning of 2010. That is crazy stuff. It's good to see my good friends Elder Quebbeman and Elder Campbell again. Nice job on the blog President and Sister Lindahl!
--Ben Hoglund--