Thursday, February 3, 2011

Speaking at the Godoy Cruz Girls Camp at Camp Bautista

Here we are at Camp Bautista in Lujan, speaking to the young women at their girls camp. I spoke on gaining your own personal testimony of the Savior, and President spoke on chastity. The evening was really warm and quite lovely. The girls were having a great experience and the theme was concentrating on having a teachable heart.
I greeted each young woman with the usual Argentine double kiss on the cheeks. You would have thought we were movie stars or something, they all wanted pictures with us.
President as he was speaking to the young women of the Godoy Cruz Stake.
There I am speaking about remembering how I felt when I was their age, a timid young girl not knowing where life would take me. All of my fairy tale dreams have come true- well except for the castle and the servants to clean and cook. But my prince arrived and my wonderful children who have brought great purpose into my life.
These are their wonderful leaders who have worked so hard to prepare this week long event. Notice the other blond- Linda Hunt, an American who has lived down here for 8 years with her husband. They are the reason many of these events take place and are well planned.
If you look closely you can see the red hearts they are wearing around their necks. Each day they earn a colored bead that is added to the necklace (with the values colors).
I wanted to show their faces, aren't they beautiful people?

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Tara said...

Castle with servants??????? I think you had that, I could dust a pretty clean house!!!! I bet dad loved being able to talk to the youth! Somebody to talk to about chastity again, now that all his kids are married! Looks like a fun day!