Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Consejos With Guest Speaker Josh Pack March 2011

With a little help from Elder Frost, and a great program called PhotoShop, Josh Pack appeared in the President's chair for Consejos. Josh is a good friend of Elder Sorensen (AP). Josh lives in Utah, and was getting ready to go on a mission when he dove into a lake and was seriously injured. He is now waiting on that dream to serve a mission, as he is in a wheel chair. We invited Josh to be a part of our Consejos this month. He is helping us motivate our Elders to do great things and create some miracles. All the baptisms this month will be given to Josh, for his records. With that in mind, we want to break the Mission record of 123 baptism. Josh appeared via Skype, and delivered a wonderful motivational speech. He has become quite the speaker, as he has had the opportunity to share his story to many of the youth. We wish Josh well in his road back to health. We love you Josh!
The Zone Leaders arrived the afternoon of their p-day to enjoy some quality time together. They wanted Josh to know they were thinking of him.
Breakfast of bananas, facturas (pastries), energy bars (thanks to Sister Packer) orange juice (no your eyes are not blurry).
Our New Zone Leaders for March- Elders Barra, White, Frost, Williams, Morinico, Hyer, Campbell, Hopkin (returning again as ZL after serving as AP).
Elder Burr
Elder Sandford
Elder Fielding
Elder Beck
Elder Fowler
Elder George
Elder Menocal
Elder Esplin
Elder Redd
Elder Davis
Elder Miller
A tradition in the mission is the tie cutting party. These Zone Leaders set their goals last month, which they felt were reasonable. These wonderful Zone Leaders then go back to their zones and pushed hard for their numbers in their key indicators. This month for Consejos, they were told if they didn't meet their goals, President would have to cut their tie. They knew it was coming, and so they all found their oldest or discarded tie to wear to Consejos. Our ingenious Elder Miller (bottom right) hide a wire through his tie, so I couldn't cut it. Lucky for him I felt it in his tie, because President was using my scissors.
The Copa this month was won by San Juan Zone. Congratulations to the whole zone. Elder Harvey is accepting the copa (not shown is his companion of last month Elder Ruiz). San Juan had 30 baptisms for the month.
Congratulations to the Godoy Cruz Zone and Elder Moncur and Elder Garcia. They had 25 baptisms for the month, which is the highest number this zone has ever had during our time here in the mission.
Elders Roberts, Fowler, Burr, Miller, talking to President in his office.
Our computer genius, Elder Miller, trying to restore President's pictures when his computer crashed one morning. They are a total loss. It is good someone else in the family, "quizas mas inteligente" has a trusty Mac to save all the mission photo's.
Elder Martinez and Elder Fielding singing a beautiful duet, with Elder Sandford at the piano.
Resting from a long day, Elders Menocal, Beck, Williams.
After the taco feast, and weighing in about 5 pounds heavier- (left back) Elders Fielding, Martinez, Frost, Sandford, Gomez, Miller, Campbell. (left middle) Elders Moncur, Redd, Abella, Burr, Roberts, Davis, Fowler, Hopkin, Menocal, Beck, Williams, George, Morinico. (left front) Elders Esplin, Garcia, Harvey, Hyer, Barra, Sorensen (AP), Leal, (AP).

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Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! It is a great way to feel a little more in touch with our missionary (Elder Lounsbury). We appreciate all you do for all of them!