Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great News- We Broke The Record!!!

124 Baptisms for February
Out-Going Assistants and In-Coming Assistants
Elders Hopkin, Sorensen, Frischknecht, President, Elders Leal, Campbell

In February our missionaries did a wonderful job of reaching their goals on all their key indicators. Our special emphasis was lessons with members present. The members of the church have no idea how important this indicator is in moving a person towards baptism. With a member present during a lesson, the member is able to answer many of the investigators doubts. They are there to be a testifier of the truth, and a friend with a shoulder to cry on. When the investigator sees a friendly face that they recognize at church, the likelihood of them attending again is greater. They have a built in support system, especially with the ward members attending the baptism. Using what the Brethren know is an "almost" fail-proof system, the investigator becomes more easily entrenched in the ward when he/she has a friend at church.

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