Friday, March 4, 2011

New Missionaries Come, Oldies Leave

Monday started with surprising the Burnetts at the airport with their daughter, Hermana Burnett who is one of the oldies going home. She and Hermana Deem her companion were jumping up and down like young girls while they waited.
Monday nights dinner and testimony meeting was very special. The spirit was very strong and we knew that in this room were some very special spirits ready to go out and conqueror the world. Minus Elder Conti (zone leader) sitting next to President, the front row are all ex-Assistants to President. Elder Smith, Medina, Wajchman, Morera.
(back left) Elders Guevara, Puga, Gimenez (ZL), Hermanas Alvez, Whitmore, Deem, Burnett.

Elder Cristeche (Arg) and companion Elder Linares (Panama)
Elder Lopez (Arg) and companion Elder Gonzalez (Arg)
Elder Riquelme (Arg) and companion Elder Boisados (Arg)
Elder Bareiro (Arg) and companion Elder Sanchez (Peru)
Elder Benitez (Paraguay) and companion Elder Benitez (Paraguay)

Elder Rios (Columbia) and companion Elder Espino (El Salvador)
Elder Barrientos (Chile) and companion Elder Rabanal (Peru)
Picture of Presidents good friend Richard Willis the day he arrived from the airport, with the Assistants, Elders Campbell (leaving) Sorensen (staying) and Elders Leal (staying) Hopkin (leaving)
President wearing his Panamanian tie with his two new trainers in the office to get their newbies- Elder Obaldia and Linares.

Two days later we got the rest of our missionaries (at least he ones who got their visas)
Elder Portillo from El Salvador (via the Guatemala MTC) whose companion will be Elder Perdomo
Sister Ricks who got stuck in Atlanta for 2 days finally arrived. Her companion will be Hermana Wilde.

Elder Jovel from El Salvador, whose companion will be Elder Obaldia.

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Those were the days. I actually served in Paraguay, but my dad lived in Mendoza while his father was building chapels there and in Godoy Cruz. My sister wants to arrange a trip for his 60th bithday. If anyone can help, my email is